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preserving landrace genetics

Zomia Collective

Our collective comprises of a union of underground growers, collectors and activists based in the region known as the Southeast Asian Highlands (Zomia) which is made up of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and India.

Our Mission

We sell the seeds from within our network in order to provide crucial income for our growers and use our subscription program to fund our research, development projects and expeditions.

Our Vision

The highlands of Zomia seem to represent a crucial centre of diversity in the cannabis gene-pool and we seek to preserve it’s diversity by documenting the landrace cannabis growing here extensively and engaging with landrace cannabis growers in the region to join our collective.


Education is key to preservation

Cannabis in general terms refers to a genus of flowering plants in the Cannabacae family. Cannabis describes the Cannabis Sativa plant in particular and is used as a generic term for it’s derivatives, including fibre products, edible seed, psychoactive chemicals and so on. Unfortunately, prohibition has distorted our view of the Cannabis plant. Concern over it’s usage as an illegal drug led to the rise of very polarised camps within society who seek to advocate for or to control it’s usage. The lack of authoritative sources and the abundance of radicals both in the pro and anti Cannabis camp has led to a biased, emotional and selective consideration of the available data. Policy makers often refer to outdated and often demonstrably false information to justify their decisions, as do proponents of the Cannabis plant and it’s usage. 

The focus

What is Zomia?

Zomia covers more than 2,500,000 square kilometres (970,000 sq. mi) over the Southeast Asian Massif and comprises nearly one hundred million marginal people. This large area is inside the fringe of eight states and the entirety of one, stretching across the standard regional designations (South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia). Along with its ecological diversity and its relation to states, it arouses a lot of interest. It stands for an original entity of study, a type of international appellation, and a different way in which to study regions.

helping cancer dancers and vets

Ganja Care

Ganja-Care is a soon-to-be 501c3 non-profit entity.We are comprised of a board of directors who receive no compensation for the valuable work that Ganja-Care is doing. Volunteer support staff also help in our endeavours and are also not paid.All donations/sponsorships and sales by Ganja-Care are funnelled back 100% into the program to further our efforts.Ganja-Care is open to partnering with companies who feel the same way that we do. We seek out and look forward to connecting with ethical and nurturing people who want to make the world a better place just like we do.

Our Mission

Ganja-Care’s mission is to provide cannabis seeds to Veterans, Cancer Dancers and those afflicted with PTSD.

Our Vision

We envision a world where natural cannabis is used to alleviate symptoms and is accepted socially within society by those who need it.