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Molokai Kush

10 Seeds Per Pack

Sold in packages of 5/10 regular seeds



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Molokai Kush cannabis is a strain of marijuana known for its unique characteristics and historical significance. Named after the Hawaiian island of Molokai, where it is believed to have originated.

The history of Molokai Kush dates back to the origins of cannabis cultivation in Hawaii. The volcanic soil and favorable climate of Molokai provided an ideal environment for cultivating high-quality cannabis plants. Over time, local farmers on the island developed and refined the Molokai Kush strain through careful selective breeding techniques, resulting in a strain with specific traits and qualities.

While Molokai Kush gained popularity within the Hawaiian islands, its reputation spread beyond the region. Cannabis enthusiasts sought out the strain for its unique qualities and sought to cultivate it outside of Hawaii.

Today, Molokai Kush remains a sought-after strain among cannabis connoisseurs. Its historical significance as a strain originating from the island of Molokai contributes to its allure, connecting it to the rich history and culture of cannabis in Hawaii.