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Kroeng Krawia Thai Preservation

10 Seeds Per Pack

Sold in packages of 5/10 regular seeds


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Kroeng Krawia cannabis, also known as “Kroeng Krawia” or simply “KK,” has a rich and diverse history deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Southeast Asia. Originating from the region’s tropical forests, this strain of cannabis has been cultivated for centuries by local communities for its medicinal and recreational properties.

Kroeng Krawia cannabis has played a significant role in traditional practices, including spiritual ceremonies and healing rituals. Over time, its popularity spread beyond its place of origin, captivating cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

Thai landrace cannabis, often referred to as “Thai Stick,” holds a storied history deeply entrenched in the cultural fabric of Thailand. Originating from the country’s lush mountainous regions, this strain has thrived for generations in its natural habitat. Thai landrace cannabis gained worldwide acclaim in the 1960s and 1970s when Western travelers encountered its potent effects and distinctive long, slender buds, which were traditionally bound into “Thai Sticks” using hemp fiber. However, with the rise of hybridization and modern cultivation techniques, Thai landrace cannabis faced decline, highlighting the importance of preserving this valuable piece of cannabis heritage.