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Dexter .02

10 Seeds Per Pack

Sold in packages of 5/10 regular seeds


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Dexter .02 is a cross between Road Kill Skunk and AK-47

Road Kill Skunk

A classic sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It originated from Florida and California in the 1970s.

The name refers to its skunk-like aroma which has been described as pungent, garlicy and diesel-like. It takes on strong skunky smells and tastes.

•Physically, Road Kill Skunk plants have skinny leaves and buds that are dense, conical with wispy purple hairs. Harvest time is around 9-10 weeks.

•Typical THC levels range from 18-22%. Road Kill phenotypes are generally resistant to mold and mildew with high yields.

•Indoors, growers top and train the plants under HPS lighting. Outdoors, a warm, sunny climate works best for its flowering period.

•Its pungent smells make it better suited for outdoor growing compared to indoors where the scents can be overpowering. Proper ventilation is key.


It gets its name from its powerful, automatic rifle-like effects.

The genetics are a cross between South American and Indian landrace sativas with a Afghani indica. This creates an almost 50/50 hybrid high.

•Flowers form tight conical buds that are coated in thick coatings of white crystal trichomes. Colors range from lime green to purple.

•Flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks indoors. Outdoor harvest in temperate areas is mid-October.

•With its rapid flowering, resilience and resistance to mold and pests, AK-47 is a popular choice for novice and experienced commercial growers.