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Black Out – Limited Edition Collection

10 Seeds Per Pack

Sold in packages of 10 regular seeds


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The Black Out Collection consists of 4 amazing black strains.

You will receive a 10 pack of regular seeds for each of the following strains (plus we always add a bit extra to the packs)

Viet Black

Landrace strain from the mountains of northwest Vietnam near the Laos border. Cultivated in the region for many centuries.  It is a rare and 100% pure sativa strain, and is known for its distinctive black/purplish coloration due to high concentrations of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are antioxidant pigments that give certain fruits and plants their dark hues.  As a landrace strain, Vietnamese Black demonstrates significant genetic diversity and phenotypic variation.

Black Hash

This is a Hybrid strain bred by the Spanish seed bank Global Seeds Bank in the late 1990s, crossing Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Black Domina genetics.  It is mostly indica, with around 80% indica / 20% sativa ratio.  Global Seeds Bank aimed to combine these elite indica genetics into one extremely resinous, fast flowering, and potent hash making strain.  Black Hash Plant first appeared on the European cannabis seed market in 1999. It quickly developed a reputation for its quality.

Afghani Black

One of the oldest landrace strains indigenous to Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan.  It has been cultivated in the Hindu Kush mountain region for centuries.  It is considered to be one of the pure indica genetic building blocks used to create many modern indica strains.  Afghani Black an indica dominant strain, descended from the earliest cannabis landrace strains believed to originate in the mountainous Hindu Kush

Kandahar Black

Kandahar Black (Bodhi Seeds) is a very indica dominant landrace strain from the Kandahar region of Afghanistan.  Bodhi’s rare cut of Kandahar Black is an exotic,  indica treasure preserved for connoisseur cannabis collectors and growers.