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Welcome to North Coast Genetics

We are a seed bank representing Landrace, Heirloom and Modern Genetics

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we are known by what we give and not what we get

Cannabis meets compassion

To provide no-cost cannabis seeds to as many deserving people as we can while creating a blueprint for partnerships and growers to help serve our purpose.

Who is Zomia?

The notion of “Zomia” refers first to peoples and cultures, it is neither realistic nor helpful to define the area precisely in terms of altitude, latitude and longitude, with definite outside limits and set internal subdivisions. Broadly speaking, however, at their maximum extension, these highland groups have historically been scattered over a domain mostly situated above an elevation of about three hundred meters, within an area approximately the size of Western Europe.

Where do we get our seeds from?

How our Seed Bank Works

North Coast Genetics has amazing relationships with private collectors, landrace aficionados and long time growers whose focus is on landrace and heirloom genetics.

These relationships allow us to provide genetics not seen on other cannabis seed sites. 

Our Genetics are sourced from the ‘cream of the crop’ cannabis growers who manage them from germination to flower. 

Where We Source Our Seeds

North Coast Genetics sources our seeds from Siberia to Canada and all countries between from SE Asia to Mexico and Colombia.

A vetting process ensures the lineage of the cannabis genetics selected as well as ensuring best practices are used in the cultivation of cannabis seeds.

All cannabis seeds in our seed banks are in the US for distribution. We also allow wait lists on genetics that are in queue for distribution. Once the seed cultivation has completed, these seeds will be distributed to those on the wait lists.

Why we do what we do.

North Coast Genetics was established in the United States in 2022. It is our mission to supply the recreational and medical home grower with the highest quality cannabis seeds available in all countries where growing is legally allowed.

With the help of many seasoned professionals, North Coast Genetics positions itself to be the leading supplier of the world’s best cannabis genetics.

Our dedicated network of growers do their utmost to maintain the quality of our existing varieties and constantly strives to find new ones from an extensive network of worldwide sources of landrace cannabis genetics.

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